Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gymnastics Essay

Gymnastics is so many diffrent things to so many people.To some people gymnastics it is who they are.But to others it could be what they live for.But this sport is not just for girls this sport is for guys as well.In fact my coach's son does gymnastics.Gymnastics can help with many careers.There is the omplyics and matter of fact there is wrestling.Pro wrestlers use to do gymnastics well some of them did not all.One of witch was Ray from WWE.I know this for a fact!But he said that gymnastics is a really good thing because it helps you with moves in wrestling.

Gymnastics is diffrent for guys and girls.The levels are diffrent so you learn diffrent things.Guys do double bars girls do a single bar.May be unfair but girls work just a little harder because they have to learn more stuff then the guys do.

Gymnastics is an adnormal sport so try it out!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bumber Sticker

Fight,Honor,Honesty,Will Power and The Effort

Gymnastics Join the crowd
Learn to bend flex and honor

Gymnastics Poem

Flip flop
Twist in turn
Grippers to the bars
Up high
Down low
Now lets do this right
Backhandsprings fly your arm back
There is no need to slack
Go forward to make it wack
Run run jump upon
The volt
Handstand,headstand you can
Do them all
Thin as a beam
You really dont wanna lean
This is called gymnastics
When your done you will look like plastics
It easy to see
But hard to do
O no time is out
Now let me hear you shout

Monday, May 24, 2010

gymnastics coming up strong

You maybe asking yourself "Why did she pick this subject?'' or even "Really this gymnastcics it's not even a sport?" Well I picked this SPORT because I love it. It is fun and very unqie!You get very good excerise from this sport.You get to meet new people plus you have a commen interest!Witch you make new friends from it.You travel to new place like Canada and a lot of other places!Everything you learn and do in gymnastics is fun!No matter where you go you meet new gymnastics teachers and diffrent ways of doing stuff from a back walk over to a back tuck to a BACKHANDSPRING!

I feel everyone should give this sport a try remember dont judge a book a by it's cover!I am not gonna lie to you this sport has a lot of work put into this sport.You have to practice everyday. You will love this sport you go from level to level witch makes you wonder whats to come whats to arrive for me in the next level and so on.But when you progress in levels it becomes a lot more harder.

Meko an his wife Dede run a place called Maple City!Meko is a omplyic gold metalist!His wife was suppose to go into the omplyics but she got hurt.Both of them are hard working an o so very determend.They work for what they beleive in!His wife an step daughter my be from someone else but they are very unqie.They teach and do gymnastics.Maple City and New Heights are both gymnastics places in michagain that i know of as of right now.

Well that is a what i think of gymnastics and some people who teach gymnastics remember dont judge a book by it's cover