Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gymnastics Essay

Gymnastics is so many diffrent things to so many people.To some people gymnastics it is who they are.But to others it could be what they live for.But this sport is not just for girls this sport is for guys as well.In fact my coach's son does gymnastics.Gymnastics can help with many careers.There is the omplyics and matter of fact there is wrestling.Pro wrestlers use to do gymnastics well some of them did not all.One of witch was Ray from WWE.I know this for a fact!But he said that gymnastics is a really good thing because it helps you with moves in wrestling.

Gymnastics is diffrent for guys and girls.The levels are diffrent so you learn diffrent things.Guys do double bars girls do a single bar.May be unfair but girls work just a little harder because they have to learn more stuff then the guys do.

Gymnastics is an adnormal sport so try it out!

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